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soul gifts

Give yourself the gift of spiritual exploration, self-care and nourishment with these amazing gifts for your soul.

Angelic Essences

Angelic Essences are hand made by Agnes with an ancient healing attunement that opens a spiritual door through which powerful, higher-frequency energies of light can access your energy body.

Each essence cleanses, heals, and infuses you with higher energy for the manifestation of your dreams.

Invoke your Angels, spray Angelic Essence in your aura and your home using your intention for the manifestation and see miracles unfolding.

This high vibrational essence can be specially made for your needs, or you might choose one of our Angelic Essences.

Price: $60


Gift Boxes

Everything in your gift box is connected to angelic energy. It will help you heal, open your heart, awaken your consciousness, shift your energy and connect with your Angels, so you can manifest your dreams.

angel gift box

Connect to and get protection from your angels.
Price: $99

love gift box

Manifest more self-love, find your soulmate or improve existing relationship.
Price: $99

abundance gift box

Create more money, increase cash flow, and improve financial security.
Price: $99

These magical gift boxes — handmade by Agnes — include an assortment of spiritual items:

  • Angelic Essences

  • Chakra Bath Salts

  • Bath Bombs and Soaps

  • Healing Crystals

  • Aromatherapy Candles

  • Cleansing Sage Sticks

  • Altar Stones

“Imagine I invite you to my spiritual kitchen.”

I am cooking up delightful remedies especially for you, to nourish and nurture your Spirit. I listen to your Spirit Guides and Angels, and I know exactly what you need to be healthy, whole and happy. You will cleanse, heal and manifest goodies.

— agnes daddona

You can also give this beautiful gift box to someone you love.

Agnes will need the name and date of birth of the person you
would like to offer this experience.

Gift Certificates

Buy someone you love the gift of spiritual enlightenment.

Gift Certificates or E-Gift Cards are perfect for holidays, birthdays or any special occasion.

Make a Spiritual Spa Day for yourself or gift it to someone to nourish their soul. This special day can be custom designed to your needs, or you might use one of our beautifully planned experiences.

Starting at $50


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Kind Words

“Agnes is wonderful! With her guidance, I have been able to identify my true goals and work towards them. She forces me to be open and honest with myself in the most supportive environment. I look forward to my sessions and my work. Thank you, Agnes!”

– Helena, West Hartford, CT

"I completed a wonderful crystal bed session with Agnes today. GOD and my angels were truly looking out for me the day they brought Agnes into my life many years ago! She is the reason I will celebrate my 60th birthday next month with peace and love in my heart. Pick one of her wonderful treatments and give your soul a gift. I love you, Agnes"

- Donna - North Kingstown, RI

"Agnes' online courses are absolutely fantastic! By connecting you with Angels, Agnes gives you the tools to transform and manifest your life into your dream life that you are meant to live! Thank you, Agnes!! You are truly a gift from God ❤."

- Bob - Glastonbury, CT

“Wonderful, spiritual workshop!!! Thank you for connecting me with my Angels. I loved the meditations, and I am hoping for more. The energy is beyond and above!”

– Joanna, Newington, CT

"I am very thankful that I get to be a part of this life changing experience. I felt rejuvenated, grateful and changed. I am not the same person. Agnes is an Angel sent here and we should be very grateful for her help and guidance. I can’t thank her enough for her love and support.”

– Jasiel, Cheshire, CT

“The Crystal Bed Session has created a beautiful empowering shift within me. Highly recommend it! Thank you Agnes!”

– Josephine, Bristol, CT

"Agnes has demonstrated an incredible ability to enable the power within by igniting the process of connecting me with Angels and teaching me the use of tools to facilitate progress towards my vision for my future through the online courses, along with private sessions."

– Samina, San Francisco, CA

“Agnes is the greatest spiritual healer. She has helped me tremendously in the past years. I have become a stronger person in many aspects of my life. I love her. She has amazing knowledge, and I have learned so much. I can’t thank her enough.”

– Pam, West Hartford, CT

"I have taken many of Agnes's courses and loved them all! I have never felt more connected to my angels, who I call my team. My work with Agnes has been life changing. I can't wait to see what comes next! "

- Amanda - Canton, CT

“Agnes helped me find and reconnect to my own ability to calm and heal from within. Her guidance showed me my true path to reconnect to my healthy self again”

– Rachel, Cromwell, CT