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intuitive readings

As you begin your sacred journey of enlightenment and awareness, the recommended first step is an Intuitive Reading with Agnes.

During her signature Intuitive Readings, Agnes receives messages of divine guidance on your relationships, finances, career, business, health, and more.

Agnes will use what she learns in this reading to craft your customized healing journey so that it aligns with your soul’s plan to remove obstacles, co-create with the divine, and manifest the life you truly want.


An intuitive reading is the perfect place for you to start if you want to:

  • Find your life’s purpose

  • Create abundance 

  • Deepen relationships 

  • Manifest your soulmate 

  • Activate financial flow 

  • Expand business success

  • Improve your health

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“My approach is a layered journey.”

I show you the other side, where your spirit guides are speaking to you and your soul lessons are revealed. I explain your soul agreement and illuminate the path. It’s important to know how it looks on the other side, to navigate this one.

— agnes daddona

I see the whole of you

Agnes has a holistic approach to her Intuitive Readings. Each reading includes:

Soul History

Agnes reveals your past lives, gifts and talents and uncovers your obstacles, blocks and karmic lessons. She illuminates your Soul History so that you can understand where you are on your life journey.

Chakra Journey

Agnes reads your aura and your chakras — your energy centers, where so much information can be revealed about where you are in your life and what you truly need to grow and thrive.

Physical Body

Agnes scans your physical body, identifies your ailments, and helps you understand how to heal.

Uplifted Mind

The rest of the reading is dedicated to your questions and concerns. Agnes helps you make difficult decisions, organize your life, and plan for a better future in a positive and uplifting way.

Angel Cards

Agnes finishes the session with an Angel Card Reading, so that you can "see yourself in the pictures." You choose the cards yourself, and they will explain many aspects of your Intuitive Reading. You will see exhilarating proof that Angels and Spirit Guides are really working with you through Agnes.

Divine Recommendation

After the reading, Agnes meditates, listens to your Spirit Guides and Angels, and together they design a healing path uniquely tailored to you. Then she gives you that information in the form of Divine Recommendation (your next step in your healing journey).

Agnes helps people around the world.

Her signature Intuitive Readings can be conducted in person, over the phone, or video conference.

  • 90 minute Special session: $333

  • 60 minute session: $195

  • 30 minute session: $145

  • 15 minute session: $95


kind words

“Agnes is wonderful! With her guidance, I have been able to identify my true goals and work towards them. She forces me to be open and honest with myself in the most supportive environment. I look forward to my sessions and my work. Thank you, Agnes!”

– Helena, West Hartford, CT

"I completed a wonderful crystal bed session with Agnes today. GOD and my angels were truly looking out for me the day they brought Agnes into my life many years ago! She is the reason I will celebrate my 60th birthday next month with peace and love in my heart. Pick one of her wonderful treatments and give your soul a gift. I love you, Agnes"

- Donna - North Kingstown, RI

"Agnes' online courses are absolutely fantastic! By connecting you with Angels, Agnes gives you the tools to transform and manifest your life into your dream life that you are meant to live! Thank you, Agnes!! You are truly a gift from God ❤."

- Bob - Glastonbury, CT

“Wonderful, spiritual workshop!!! Thank you for connecting me with my Angels. I loved the meditations, and I am hoping for more. The energy is beyond and above!”

– Joanna, Newington, CT

"I am very thankful that I get to be a part of this life changing experience. I felt rejuvenated, grateful and changed. I am not the same person. Agnes is an Angel sent here and we should be very grateful for her help and guidance. I can’t thank her enough for her love and support.”

– Jasiel, Cheshire, CT

“The Crystal Bed Session has created a beautiful empowering shift within me. Highly recommend it! Thank you Agnes!”

– Josephine, Bristol, CT

"Agnes has demonstrated an incredible ability to enable the power within by igniting the process of connecting me with Angels and teaching me the use of tools to facilitate progress towards my vision for my future through the online courses, along with private sessions."

– Samina, San Francisco, CA

“Agnes is the greatest spiritual healer. She has helped me tremendously in the past years. I have become a stronger person in many aspects of my life. I love her. She has amazing knowledge, and I have learned so much. I can’t thank her enough.”

– Pam, West Hartford, CT

"I have taken many of Agnes's courses and loved them all! I have never felt more connected to my angels, who I call my team. My work with Agnes has been life changing. I can't wait to see what comes next! "

- Amanda - Canton, CT

“Agnes helped me find and reconnect to my own ability to calm and heal from within. Her guidance showed me my true path to reconnect to my healthy self again”

– Rachel, Cromwell, CT​​​​​​