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Spiritual Spa Day – Gift for You or Someone Special

Give yourself or someone you love an amazing gift. This fantastic experience can be a special occasion, or at any time you need to feed your Soul.

This special day can be custom designed to your needs, or you might use one of our beautifully planned experiences:

Spiritual Spa Day

  • Start from a 30 min Intuitive Reading with Angel Cards to explore the journey of your Soul.
  • Continue with 30 min Aura and Chakra Cleansing with Sound and Color Therapy.
  • Enjoy 60 min Deeply Healing Crystal Bed Therapy Session with the Personalized Intention.
  • Receive High Vibrational Healing Product to sustain your high energy for a long time.

This experience is a true gift for your Soul.

120 min – $ 444


Manifestation Extravaganza Spa Day

  • Mind – Start from a 30 min Powerful Attunement to program your Conscious and Subconscious Mind for the Manifestation of your Dreams. 
  • Body – Continue with 30 min DNA Therapy Tune-Up to align your Aura and Chakras for higher Manifestation.
  • Soul – Enjoy 60 min Abundance Crystal Bed Therapy Session to put your dreams into motion and attract everything you dream of into your life. 
  • Receive a High Vibrational Product to help you sustain high energy for Manifestation.

This experience is an amazing Gift for your Soul.

120 min – $ 444

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