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intuitive readings

As you begin your sacred journey of enlightenment and awareness, the recommended first step is an Intuitive Reading with Agnes.

An Intuitive, Healer and Teacher of the highest level, Agnes Daddona connects you to angelic light. She leads you to experience the full rainbow of transformative, spiritually infused healing and growth.

Agnes gives you the knowledge, awareness, confidence and tools you need to shift your energy toward the light and become the true creator of your own destiny.

“There is so much light on this planet, but many people are in survival mode right now. We have to lift ourselves up and ascend to our true potential. We are in a period of rebirthing and pushing through heavy layers of our personal journeys.

Not many people can be the connector between the high and the low. I am like no other. I will show you the path.”

— agnes daddona

As a lifelong learner, with more than 30 certificates in healing arts and degrees in a wide range of study — including sociology, psychology, theology and philosophy —

I am committed to finding the most creative ways to help you heal, gain guidance and clarity, and elevate your vibration so that you can live the most magnificent version of your life.

I earned my degree in law, then a Master’s degree in sociology with a specialization in human behavior. I moved to the United States and continued my studies, working in therapeutic settings.

During her signature Intuitive Readings, Agnes receives messages of divine guidance on your relationships, finances, career, business, health, and more.

She reveals your soul’s purpose and lessons, your undiscovered talents, as well as your past incarnations and how they relate to this life.

Agnes will use what she learns in this reading to craft your customized healing journey so that it aligns with your soul’s plan to remove obstacles, co-create with the divine, and manifest the life you truly want.

From the moment you arrive, I focus on your specific healing needs, answering your biggest questions and leading you to the profound experience of connecting to your angels, spirit guides and loved ones on the other side. I offer you a kaleidoscope of services, treatments and products to help you on your healing journey.

I have always had a deep burning desire to do what comes naturally to me to help others. And I want very much to help you.

We are here to thrive.

My clients often come to me because they are in a state of some kind of crisis. I welcome them into the high energy of angelic guidance and healing. I show them how to manifest a better, more joy-filled life.

More about Anges

When you work with me…

you will experience the beauty and power of angelic presence. Your energy will shift. You will feel the light.
I deeply believe that we are each divine beings, meant to live beautifully and happily. I have dedicated my life to this purpose. It is my true calling and my greatest joy. I welcome the chance to help you. I welcome you home.

Feel The Light

Love & Light, Agnes

my approach

My approach is completely holistic. I reach every part of your being — physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual.

My work is integrated and comprehensive. I see all parts of you — your past lives, wounds and self-doubt as well as your shining gifts and talents. I help you see it all too, and together, we change your life.

I channel angelic frequency.

Let’s Work Together

I was then called by angels to do the spiritual work.

Agnes helps people around the world.

Her signature Intuitive Readings can be conducted in person, over the phone, or a video conference..

  • 60 minutes
  • $200 per an hour

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I see the whole of you

Agnes has a holistic approach to her Intuitive Readings. Each reading includes:

Soul History

Agnes reveals your past lives, gifts and talents and uncovers your obstacles, blocks and karmic lessons. She illuminates your Soul History so that you can understand where you are on your life journey.

Chakra Journey

Agnes reads your aura and your chakras — your energy centers, where so much information can be revealed about where you are in your life and what you truly need to grow and thrive.

Physical Body

Agnes scans your physical body, identifies your ailments, and helps you understand how and why to heal.

Uplifted Mind

The rest of the reading is dedicated to your questions and concerns. Agnes helps you make difficult decisions, organize your life, and plan for a better future in a positive and uplifting way.

Angel Cards

Agnes reads your aura and your chakras — your energy centers, where so much information can be revealed about where you are in your life and what you truly need to grow and thrive.

Healing Sessions

After the reading, Agnes meditates, listens to your Spirit Guides and Angels, and together they design a healing path uniquely tailored to you. Then she sends you that information in the form of Divine Recommendation (your next step in your healing journey).

kind words

“I had an amazing experience in Agnes’ workshop. Her energy and expertise brought me to a flash intuitive, experiential insight that would never have come from my typical, rational thinking-planning mind. Thank you!”

– Patti, Glastonbury, CT

“Agnes helped me find and reconnect to my own ability to calm and heal from within. Her guidance showed me my true path to reconnect to my healthy self again”

– Rachel, Cromwell, CT​​​​​​