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Manifestation with Angels at the Speed of Light – Online Course

Agnes holds a sacred and safe space for your heart and soul to connect with the healing Vortex of Light and your Angels so you can begin to live the life of your biggest, boldest dreams.

In this amazing, advanced course, you will:

  • Retrain your mind from negative to positive thinking.
  • Synchronize your heart so you can become the magnet for goodies.
  • Learn powerful secrets on how to manifest your dreams with Angels at the Speed of Light.
  • Enjoy a beautiful high vibration Rainbow Heart Mediation that will teach you how to shift your energy field and make your heart glow with light.
  • Receive Agnes’s signature Timeless Golden Ball Exercise that will teach you how to get help from your Angels to get your desires in no time. 
  • Anchor yourself stronger in the golden energy of the Vortex of Light and attract many miracles into your life.

This Online Course is also an energetic experience. Agnes will connect you to the higher spectrum of Light using your date of birth.